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Windmill near Martham Norfolk

Martham Spiritual Group

In early 2004 Norman felt he was being guided to put on evenings of clairvoyance in Martham.


The motivation was threefold.


Firstly to bring people in Norfolk to the awareness that spirit continues after physical death.

Secondly to book the finest quality mediums in the UK for Martham, to enable local people to see them.

Thirdly to adequately reimburse the mediums for their efforts, and make them welcome in Norfolk. Norman’s friend Roger Colman agreed to chair the evenings and assist with engaging mediums. Melinda Bassett, joined the Group to assist with teaching in 2012.



The first meeting was in August 2004 with mediums Eileen Mitchamson and Muriel Tennant and the hall was filled to capacity. Meetings have successfully continued and are either Saturdays or Tuesdays at 7.30pm. Complimentary refreshments are provided during the break.


The Martham Group has grown since 2004 and there are now circles and workshops held at the hall. For info Contact Norman on 07876744258