Norman Lewin Medium

Martham Spiritual Group



Norman has been aware of the spirit world since he was a child. He ignored this fact until around 20 years ago when he went through an emotional period in his life and began to hear his guide talking to him.


He went for healing with a local medium Arthur Clarke, who gave him evidence of survival and his journey of discovery then began.


Doors began to open for Norman who met and was taught by Gordon Higginson, Doris Stokes, Alan Crossley and many other mediums around at that time.


Norman became interested in Physical Mediumship and sat as a member of a circle for 12 years, with trance medium Sheila Beber. Norman has witnessed Direct Voice, Trumpet Phenomena, Apports and full Materialization. He has seen and felt Ectoplasm.


Norman feels that a medium also has a life to lead and put his Mediumship on hold while his children were growing, concentrating on his family commitments.


On moving to Norfolk from London he has been working full time as a Medium.



Contact Norman on 07876744258