Martham Spiritual Group



Melinda believes nothing happens by chance.


From an early age she was aware of sights and sounds that she could not explain. She would hear her name being called when on her own. Only many years later did she realise it was those in spirit trying to contact her.


She saw one of her grandmothers who she never knew on many occasions, walking around her bed. She only found out later that Grandma was a Spiritualist who regularly attended séances.


At the age of 3 she discovered her love of horses. She found she could connect with them on a mind to mind level. She found she could understand their needs and give them healing when this was needed. She taught riding to many adults and children and ran a riding school in her teens.


Through riding horses she became more aware of the countryside and nature around her. She became interested in and studied flowers and herbs and was often asked to treat horses with herbs when conventional medicines had failed to work.


Melinda lived for 7 years with gypsies and travelled around the country learning many things from them about nature and life.


One night she had a dream about a close friend who was working in America. He was surrounded by a grey mist and said he would always be watching over her though things had changed.


She found out the next day that he had passed to Spirit.


His wife shortly after this asked Melinda if she would go to a Circle with her.


Melinda’s journey of discovery then began in earnest and she found she could hear, see and sense Spirit.


She read, studied and joined other Circles and has now been working with Spirit for 11 years.


She has been concentrating on her trance development over the last two years. She regularly works with Norman teaching and serving local churches.


Melinda believes that we can all develop our own spirit and with the correct teaching connect with those in the Spirit World.


This of course requires dedication and effort to progress.


It is important for Melinda to share the love and truth of Spirit with others.